10 Sure Ways to Make Money Online

How to Earn Money Online Easily!!!

We all have reached the 21st century, which is the age of technology and innovations that has changed human life. The biggest invention is the internet which can be used for anything literally, anything now. Things that used to be dream have come true due to the internet. Those people who wanted to work from home and wanted to earn huge amount of money, they have now lived their dream. There are numerous ways to earn a huge amount of money online. We have listed here only those methods which works 100%.


1. Blogging on what you have Interest:   


The most common and easiest way to earn money online is by blogging. 

What are the Requirements? You must have an interest on something, like tech stuff, poetry, reviewing movies, writing, travel blogging. There are numerous niches to select to start blogging. You can select from multiple niches and start blogging. 

How much will it costs to start a blog?
You can use free hosting or you can choose paid self hosting for creating your own website with your desired domain name. I would recommend you to use self hosting domain, it may cost around $10 to above per year depending upon the plans.

Yes you started blogging, now how to earn money?

Now after posting some blog post on your blog, you can now apply for AdSense or other ad services or other monetization services like affiliate marketing, etc.online-money-nepaletrend

You can keep their ads in your blog and earn money. You can search online how to put ads on your website.


2. Paid for doing Online Surveys

Survey-blogging-nepaletrendThe increasingly popular way to make money online is to fill out online surveys in your free time.

earning-money-nepaletrendMany research companies always recruits new members to answer surveys and test their new products. Within few minutes of form filling, you can bag cash or rewards. You can make up to £3 ($5) for some surveys! They even pay you for survey as well as watching video, surfing the web, playing the games, etc.

Names of Online Survey websites: Swagbucks, etc.


3. Get Paid for Searching the Web

Surfing the web has never been so much fun. Yes you can earn money by simply surfing the web by just searching something on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

qmee-earn-online-nepaletrendYou just need to install the add-on from the Qmee.com and signup to create an account. You can move your money to your account using PayPal account. And the best thing is in using Qmee.com is you cash out any minimum amount to your PayPal account.


4. Review websites and apps
usertesting-earn-online-nepaletrendYou can earn upto $10 in just 20 minutes and it will be delivered to your PayPal account. Just need to sign up in the site name images-earn-online-nepaletrendUsertesting.com that will pay you for your reviews about app and websites.


5. Publishing a Book online in a Kindle eBook
earn-money-nepaletrendYou can write and publish some books online using the largest Online Shop Amazon. Publishing an ebook is like investing for passive income, you can spend your 25 hours of life writing an eBook and you will earn for years to come. You can choose different nonfictional story and publish it in kindle with a great cover to the book, that will attract many readers to it. Or you can simply use your websites posts to pile up to form a book format and publish as a great sort of informative book. Once the book is live on kindle you need to have some good reviews to get up higher in result.


6. Start a YouTube Channel / Play Online Game
earn-money-online-youtubeAnother easiest way to earn money online is by starting a channel in free video publishing website called YouTube. Due to some changes in YouTube’s policy now new channels need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time to start earning money from AdSense. But if you can get that much within a year of time then its quite easy to create videos that you want your viewers to watch and publish online to bag some dollars easily. Now it is easy to create videos as most of the popular games can be streamed live through Youtube and in many countries you can get tipped by viewers for just showing your art of playing game online in live streaming videos. So literally you can earn from doing what you love to do the most, by playing games like PUBG, Mobile Legend, Freefire, etc, etc.


7. Freelancing Job

freelance-nepaletrendYou can work as freelancer for websites and blogs or as your skills. If you are good in writing articles you can choose different websites which are willing to pay for your writing skills. So many freelance jobs out there are waiting for your simple skills or just time that someone else might not have. You can choose to apply in different freelancing websites according to your skills. You can earn from $10 to $300 or more by developing websites, apps, or writing blog post, etc according to your skills.


8. By Sponsored Post / Social Media Influencer
earn-fast-online-nepaletrendIf you’re quite popular in social media or with a popular blog or Facebook page or Twitter or Instagram account or Tiktok. You can now earn like a star if you have enough fan following in these social media applications such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can earn from Facebook pages, Instagram and twitter by promoting contents as well as from Tiktok. Many people are earning enough by creating memes, jokes, or lip-syncing videos in these social platforms. You can use your account as a sponsoring tool for other people. You can bag much more money from such advertising on your social media’s accounts or websites. Many companies are ready to pay for advertising on such popular accounts of social medias. You can promote different products that you use or believe in. 


9. Selling Photos Online
Sell-Photos-Online-nepaletrendYou can click some high quality images of nature, places, people, things, dishes, homes etc. using your Smartphone or Digital Cameras & sell those photos online. There are lots of sites that can pay for submitting your photos . If some customer purchases your photos, that will get you paid as per the price you kept on the photos. You will get paid multiple time for the same photos if any other person pay for the same photos.


10. Investing in Stock market

You can invest in stock market or mutual funds, if you have some amount that can be used from your savings. Instead of doing a saving, investing it in a beneficial business is better as “Money attracts money”, and keeping the money in the bank can’t give you much in return. Whereas investing in stock most of the time will be beneficial, but make sure to know about the company in which you’ll invest as there can be higher risk if not analysed properly before investing your sum and make sure not to invest huge amount in a single company, buy stocks of different companies so there will be lesser risk of having loss. Find you country’s stock market procedure and start doing it. You surely won’t regret these tiny investment in a long run.


So these were the quite simple and easiest ways to make money online from home without much effort. Other popular way that can be used to make money online except these 10 popular method is by investing in currencies.



But this need to be invested and can have higher risk to loose your money.

The above mentioned 10 tips were just few methods of making money online. There are numerous ways to have money from internet. But all you need is to have working passion and patience. You can shower your hard work in the stuff you like and surely the result will be fruitful.

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