CEDB Hydropower Development Company (CHDC) has issued an IPO from Today – New IPO

CEDB Hydropower Development Company has issued an IPO and the general public can apply for it from today (April 30 / Baisakh 17) – Know more about CHDC IPO

CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC) is a public limited company established under the prevalent laws of Nepal on November 30, 2009 (Mangsir 15, 2066). The company, CEDB hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC) was founded by the Clean Energy Development Bank to provide equity investment for hydropower projects to fulfil the need for the energy of Nepal.

Currently, the company has been generating 8.583 MW hydroelectricity with the combined power of 3 hydropower projects. Other than that the CHDC company has also invested in various other hydropower projects which has a combined capacity of 103 MW.

About the IPO of CHDC company:

CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited has issued an IPO worth Rs 25.18 crore which has 2,518,230 units of ordinary shares, for the general public from Baisakh 17, 2078. The early closing date of this IPO issue is Baisakh 21, 2078. If this issue is not subscribed till Baisakh 21, 2078 then the issue will be extended up to Baisakh 31, 2078.

The company is issuing a total of 2,518,230 units of ordinary shares from Baisakh 17, 2078 which is 30% of the total issued capital. The 5% of ordinary shares (2,518,230 units), that is 125,911 units are for the Mutual Fund and 50,365 units which is 2% of ordinary share (2,518,320 units) are for the employee of the company, and the remaining 2,341,954 units are for the general public.


How much can you apply CHDC IPO?

Applicants can apply for a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 2,518,230 units.


Who is the issue manager of CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC) IPO?

Sunrise Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager for the IPO issuance CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC).

How much you should apply for CHDC IPO?

Hydropower has a high potential for the development of the country as it can be used internally in the economical growth of other commercial sectors as well as the generated energy can be sold to neighbouring countries.
Observing the current scenario, investors have shown a high interest in every IPOs knowingly and unknowingly due to the Bullish trends in the market, so we hope this IPO will be oversubscribed in terms of IPO units and applications also. As we know, 18 lakhs of applications are being received by past IPOs.
And there is still the “10 kitta rule” for IPO, so only 2,34,195 applicants will be lucky enough to get the 10 shares of CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited. So, it is advisable to apply for only 10 units worth Rs 1000.


Ratings for CEDB Hydropower Company (CHDC) IPO:

Care Rating Nepal has given Care NP BB (IS) rating to the company in the rating given for IPO issue which indicates an average risk in the company’s ability to bear responsibility.

Summary of CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC):

Total Issued Units: 2,518,230 units
Minimum and Maximum Units: 10 units and 2,518,230 units
Price Per Share: Rs 100
Total Share Issued for General Public: 2,341,954 units
Total Share Issued for Mutual Funds: 125,911 units
Issue Manager: Sunrise Capital Limited
Issue Open Date: Baisakh 17, 2078
Issue Closing Date (Earliest): Baisakh 21, 2078
Issue Closing Date (Late): Baisakh 31, 2078
Total Capital of the Company: Rs 839,410,000 (8,394,100 Units)


From where to Apply?

You can Apply for CHDC IPO through Meroshare website and Meroshare app.

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