Fortnite Vs Apple: Now Fortnite is Officially Removed from App Store

FORTNITE VS APPLE: Now Fortnite is Officially removed from App Store

Apple’s app store and Google’s play store have swept off Fortnite from their store after Fortnite denied to pay 30% of in-app purchase to the companies. Apple has officially removed the epic game accounts from the App Store on Friday. Now if you have already downloaded the app and is on your device, then don’t remove or uninstall it as you won’t be able to download the app again. When you try to search the app in the App store, you won’t find the app.
When each and every country is trying to control the pandemic situation, two big companies are clashing with each other.



The Apple vs Fortnite clash is between Apple company and “Fortnite” game by Epic games. Recently, all the tech world is brewed away by this shivering, shocking and surprising news of Fortnite Vs Apple feud.

Many online media are headlining this clash as “One more victim of Apple tax”. In between the ongoing clash, many big companies are divided into two parts for their support. We may feel it’s nothing new but the twist and turn we are observing can’t be really happening but unlike anything this is true and we may experience some great change in technological separation.


For those who aren’t aware of what type of company they are, here we are going to tell you the brief about this story and we expect you to read and understand the whole story and act genius in tech trends.

What is Apple Company?


Apple Inc. is an American multinational company headquartered in Cupertino, California. As we all know, the company is popular for its high end devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. The Apple Inc. company designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and provides many online services. Its main product is the iPhone, iPad, AirPods etc. Many online services like iTunes Store, Mac App Store, Apple Music, iOS App Store, Apple Music, iMessage, Apple TV+ and iCloud have been provided by APPLE. This company is famous for its amazing and astonishing self-made features on their product.

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Fortnite is an online video game owned by EPIC GAMES introduced in 2017. The craze of this game is unlike any games. Like PUBG, the user of Fortnite is huge in following. Not only the USA and Europe but it has a numerous number of fans all over the world. It is considered as the best online video game in the world. It has categorized its game into different mode but provides similar gameplay as follows:-

1. Fortnite: Save the world (It is a shooter-survival game which can be played by up to four players in which players have to face off the zombie-like creature and defend them with fortifications they build.

2. Fortnite Battle Royale (It is a free to play game where up to 100 players can fight to be the last man standing)

3. Fortnite Creative, where players are given complete freedom to create worlds and battle arenas.

Above mentioned first two games were released in 2017 A.D where the third one was launched on December 6, 2018.

These games are available to windows, macOS, PlayStation and Android devices. The release of the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles is expected by the games to launch very soon.


What is the Reason behind Fortnite vs Apple Clash?

It all started on January 22nd, 1984 when the national Super Bowl broadcast of Apple’s famous Macintosh advertisement was released which is claimed to be a very influential ad directed by Ridley Scott. The main theme of the ad was the story of the revolutionary start that was all set to break the chain of monopolists totally who dominated the industry.

In June 2016, some changes were made by Apple in its App store service that allows the company to decrease the cuts on subscription apps from 30 per cent to 15 per cent after their first year.


Why is Fortnite not in the Google Play Store too?


Fortnite was upset and burned with Apple and Google play store because of taking the same 30 percent cut. In August 3rd, 2018, Epic withdrew Fortnite off the Google play store because in android people can install apps directly from any source. Epic Games made its own online store and started giving service through android. But in the case of Apple, it doesn’t give any private access to any store because it could cause loss to Apple’s revenue. Lately, Apple’s app store denied lowering its cut. Epic was a big company that used to generate more revenue from Apple’s app store. From every purchase of Fortnite in-app purchase game, App store used to take 30% of the total revenue of in-app purchase. After all of this, Fortnite changed and introduced its own payment method without the permission of the App store which was completely unacceptable by Apple. So Apple threw Fortnite from its App Store and revoked its app developer license from the App store.

Unlike any company, Tim Cook, Ceo of Apple is dedicated and throws new twists in this clash.

Fortnite was hale enough to file suit against both google and apple for their so-called taxes. Fortnite with its complete backup file suit through a topmost lawyer of the USA against them. This clash has gone too far away from our expectations. Fortnite released the video parodying Apple Macintosh´s 1984 advertisement. Fortnite is doing many online campaigns against those and companies and improving its own. After the suit filed, Apple released its notice regarding Fortnite which says that the app was developed through the unreal engine and it violates Apple guidelines. This litigation has encouraged many small firms who were dominated the same way. Beyond the case, it’s all about monopoly business which denotes the domination of big companies to small companies. This issue was raised by US Congress where the final decision and statement is still pending to be released by Congress.

For all the tech enthusiasts, it’s the matter of money-making without any domination.


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