IPO Result: CEDB Hydropower Development Company (CHDC) IPO Result Today

CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited (CHDC) is allotting its IPO shares today i.e 31st Baisakh, 2078 (14 May 2021) at 11.00 am. The allotment will be done virtually at the premises of issue manager Sunrise Capital. CEDB Hydropower Development Company (CHDC) had issued its 25.18 lakh unit shares in IPO to the general public from Baisakh 17, 2078.

Out of 25.18 lakh unit, 2% shares were for the employees and 5% for the mutual funds, and the remaining 23.41 lakh unit shares were issued to the general public. A total of 16,85,627 valid applicants have applied for a total of 2,63,45,500 units which makes the issue oversubscribed by 10.52 times. Now, it is fixed that there will be a 10 units lucky draw for lucky 2,34,195 applicants. And the chances to be lucky to get allotted in CHDC IPO result is approximately one in eight.

Currently, two projects are in operation; one is the 4.40 MW Radhi Hydro Project and another one is the 0.18 MW Syage Khola Hydro Project in the Lamjung district. Other than these, the company is currently constructing 3 more projects. The company has also started the process for the construction of the 45 MW Kasuwa Project in the Solukhumbu district. As per the media statement by the company, the promoter-public shareholding structure of the company after the capitalization of IPO shares will be in a ratio of 70:30. The CHDC company will have a paid-up capital of Rs 83.94 crore, after the CHDC IPO result.

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Summary of CHDC IPO Result:

Company Name: CEDB Hydropower Development Company (CHDC)

CHDC IPO Allotment Time: 11:00 am

CHDC IPO Result Date: 31, Baisakh, 2078 (May 14, 2021)

Issue Manager: Sunrise Capital

Total Valid Applications: 16,85,627

Total Valid Application’s Applied Quantity: 2,63,45,500

Total Applicants To be Allotted: 2,34,195

Maximum Number of Units to be Allotted: 10/11 (4 applicants may be lucky enough to get 11 units each for remaining 4 units)

Price Per Share: Rs 100

Total Share Issued for General Public: 2,341,954 units

Total Share Issued for Mutual Funds: 125,911 units

Total Share Issued (General+Employees+Mutual Fund): 25,18,230 units

Total Capital of the Company: Rs 839,410,000 (8,394,100 Units)