Saathimart Refer and Earn Offer: Get Discount and Cash

SaathiMart Refer and Earn Program: Get Discount and Cash 

Saathimart Refer and Earn Offer

Saathimart is an Online-To-Offline (O2O) business which started its journey in 2009 as a manufacturing company. After gaining experience for more than 10 years in distributorship, retail and wholesale market in Nepal, they came up with the idea of Saathimart; a retail and online business.

Saathimart has enabled small as well big entrepreneurs to extend their scope by offering an online platform, as well as enabled young and experienced entrepreneurs to earn through affiliate marketing in Nepal.

Main motto of Saathimart is to be the most convenient, customer-oriented, and largest retail chain company by offering a smart shopping experience, inspiring and empowering small businesses and individuals.

Saathimart offers quality products, quick service, unique selection and a smart shopping experience with the lowest possible price.

Saathimart has brought many offers and promotions campaign, and on of such is Saathimart Refer and Earn Program. Users can download the app and earn 75 SaathiCash on successful registration and on each successful refer they can get 25 SaathiCash.

You can use this Saathimart Refer Code to register in the Saathimart app.
Saathimart Refer Code: 1BAD005EBD


Saathimart refer code

Just download the Saathimart app and register using the code to get more SaathiCash. Read the terms and conditions to get more benefits of Saathimart Refer and Earn Offer:

Terms and Conditions:
For a successful share:
Your friend must download the Saathimart mobile app using the unique share code that you share.
Your friend verifies his/her account using their mobile number
(A share is only successful when your friends download and verify their account on Saathimart app using their mobile number.)

After successful registration, you will earn SaathiCash.
The Saathicash you earn can be used as your mobile Topup from Saathimart’s app or website.

While doing Mobile Topup 25 Saathicash equals Rs.10
Customers can only do Topup of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

The Saathicash you earn also can be transferred to your Esewa and Khalti account through Saathimart’s app or website.

While doing Cash Redeem 25 Saathicash equals Rs.10
The minimum Saathicash for CashRedeem is 1250.
While doing CashRedeem to Esewa and Khalti, customers can only transfer Rs.500 and above.

Values on which Saathimart Stands:
TTP: Team, Technology and Process
DRSM: Do not repeat the same mistake
IIA: Ideas Innovation Automate
LGE: Learn and grow everyday
CTI: Customer First, Team second and Investor Third
CM: Clarity with motivation
TBV: Trust and Brand value is everything
Be best and quick solvers
Think big, start small, move fast
You are the leader of Vision/ dream
Develop entrepreneurship mindset
Believe in teamwork
Focus on user
Provide more than expectation
Passion with commitment
Be prepared

Saathimart Stores
Saathimart has 103+ Stores all over Nepal from East to West. It has been providing extraordinary services to local level customers in different parts of the country.