Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature now can find offline devices also

Samsung has recently updated it’s one of the services, “Find My Mobile” to work Offline. 


Samsung is one of the topmost technical brands around the globe.  According to the latest update, Samsung’s “Find my mobile” (version service has been upgraded. Previously, this service was available only through online but from now onward it will be available for all the galaxy series of Samsung even if the device is offline.
“Find my mobile” is a service provided by Samsung from the past few years to decrease the problem of mobile theft and loss. Many phones are stolen around the world time and again. Samsung initiated this service to overcome these problems and set the security benchmark for the tech world.
If anyone lost their phone, then the only phrase we heard was, “Everything was on my mobile”. Mobile nowadays have more norms and value than any individual. The survey tells that workperson from different country uses their mobiles for one hour each day just to check the work-related task.
“Find my mobile” service has been provided offline as well. You can encrypt the location of the host device within a certain click.

How to use Samsung Find My Mobile with Offline devices?

You need to manually enable this feature through the setting of your phone to use this service. This feature has been rolled out on new version of “Find My Mobile” app.

If the offline finding is enabled from your phone, you will also be able to locate other devices like your mobile or watches or earbuds that have been used recently.

How Samsung find my Mobile works even offline?

Samsung’s Find my Mobile feature can locate your device by leveraging the networks of nearby Samsung Galaxy devices. With this feature, now Samsung Galaxy user can locate their devices without using WiFi or Cellular data. Yet, Samsung has not revealed how this works. And this feature is currently available to the users in the US and South Korea.

Not only Samsung but android also has “Google Find my device” service as its default but it requires an active network connection to locate the lost device.

Samsung has been delivering “offline finding” features for the mobile having android versions of 8.0 and 10.0.

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