Preeti To Unicode Converter and Unicode to Preeti Converter

Preeti to Unicode Converter and Unicode to Preeti Converter Tool

This Preeti to Unicode Converter and Unicode to Preeti Tool converts traditional popular Nepali fonts like Preeti, Kanchan, Kantipur, Mangal, Sagarmatha, etc into Unicode Nepali fonts and vice versa easily and instantly. Many Operating Systems like Android, Windows, iOS, etc uses Unicode. Unicode is easy to convert and defines unique code for each words, so it can be used anywhere and with any language. It is easy to convert to other language and easy for translation. Computers, smartphone have built-in Unicode typing features nowadays. Unicode is useful in sending emails, writing codes, etc.


What happens when you send email or file in traditional font like Preeti or Kanchan?

When you send a text file or email written in traditional font, the fonts display in non Nepali language, you need to then copy the text and use Preeti font or the font in which it was written to see what’s written in that text file or mail.

But when you use Unicode, the language or script you choose to write the text file gets displayed in the same file in which you have written it. So, Nepali Unicode is easy to understand, less time consuming and computer acceptable font.

Nepali language is written in Devanagari script, which is also used by Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, etc languages to write texts.


Where is Nepali Unicode used?


Unicode is a uniform or unique encoding for the different type of font all over the world. The word “Unicode” is a unique, universal and uniform encoding. Unicode supports almost all the language and scripts of the world.

Nepali Unicode is Unicode text which is written in Nepali language and in Devanagari Script. Nepali Unicode can be used in internet everywhere. 

Uses of Nepali Unicode are:

1. Blogging

Yes, if you’re thinking about starting a blog or website based on Nepali language, then you need to write the texts in Unicode.

2. Emailing

As I’ve mentioned about emails earlier, if you want to write email then you need to write it in Unicode texts and in Nepali Unicode for Nepali language.

3. Software Development

If you’re developing software based on Nepali language or want to code in Nepali language, you have to write it into Nepali Unicode. So, everywhere where you want, you can use Nepali Unicode.

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Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc big software giants use Unicode for software development as well as other text. You can easily use Unicode in Android or Laptop by selecting Unicode text format and mostly devices have already installed or are running in Unicode. You can select Nepali language from your device.


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So try it, its an easy way to change Nepali traditional fonts into Unicode Nepali.

How to Use this Preeti to Unicode Converter tool?

1. Copy your Preeti or any other traditional font texts.

2. Paste the text that you copied into the box where it is written “Paste Preeti font here”.

3. Now, click on the text above the second box where it is written “Click here to Convert Preeti to Unicode”. Just click it, and in no second the converted text will appear in the second box below.

4. At last and finally, just copy the text that appeared in the second box which is in Nepali Unicode font.

So, it’s just a simple and easy tool to convert Preeti to  Unicode Nepali fonts. You can paste the Unicode font wherever you want and use it as your need.


Now you can change your Unicode fonts to Preeti fonts using this tool.

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