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Preeti To Unicode Converter and Unicode to Preeti Converter

Preeti to Unicode Converter and Unicode to Preeti Converter Tool

This Preeti to Unicode Converter and Unicode to Preeti Tool converts traditional popular Nepali fonts like Preeti, Kanchan, Kantipur, Mangal, Sagarmatha, etc into Unicode Nepali fonts and vice versa easily and instantly. Many Operating Systems like Android, Windows, iOS, etc uses Unicode. Unicode is easy to convert and defines unique code for each words, so it can be used anywhere and with any language. It is easy to convert to other language and easy for translation. Computers, smartphone have built-in Unicode typing features nowadays. Unicode is useful in sending emails, writing codes, etc.


What happens when you send email or file in traditional font like Preeti or Kanchan?

When you send a text file or email written in traditional font, the fonts display in non Nepali language, you need to then copy the text and use Preeti font or the font in which it was written to see what’s written in that text file or mail.

But when you use Unicode, the language or script you choose to write the text file gets displayed in the same file in which you have written it. So, Nepali Unicode is easy to understand, less time consuming and computer acceptable font.

Nepali language is written in Devanagari script, which is also used by Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, etc languages to write texts.


Where is Nepali Unicode used?


Unicode is a uniform or unique encoding for the different type of font all over the world. The word “Unicode” is a unique, universal and uniform encoding. Unicode supports almost all the language and scripts of the world.

Nepali Unicode is Unicode text which is written in Nepali language and in Devanagari Script. Nepali Unicode can be used in internet everywhere. 

Uses of Nepali Unicode are:

1. Blogging

Yes, if you’re thinking about starting a blog or website based on Nepali language, then you need to write the texts in Unicode.

2. Emailing

As I’ve mentioned about emails earlier, if you want to write email then you need to write it in Unicode texts and in Nepali Unicode for Nepali language.

3. Software Development

If you’re developing software based on Nepali language or want to code in Nepali language, you have to write it into Nepali Unicode. So, everywhere where you want, you can use Nepali Unicode.

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Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc big software giants use Unicode for software development as well as other text. You can easily use Unicode in Android or Laptop by selecting Unicode text format and mostly devices have already installed or are running in Unicode. You can select Nepali language from your device.


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So try it, its an easy way to change Nepali traditional fonts into Unicode Nepali.

How to Use this Preeti to Unicode Converter tool?

1. Copy your Preeti or any other traditional font texts.

2. Paste the text that you copied into the box where it is written “Paste Preeti font here”.

3. Now, click on the text above the second box where it is written “Click here to Convert Preeti to Unicode”. Just click it, and in no second the converted text will appear in the second box below.

4. At last and finally, just copy the text that appeared in the second box which is in Nepali Unicode font.

So, it’s just a simple and easy tool to convert Preeti to  Unicode Nepali fonts. You can paste the Unicode font wherever you want and use it as your need.


Now you can change your Unicode fonts to Preeti fonts using this tool.

© Unicode to preeti

Foreign Exchange Rate – Nepal Rastra Bank


Forex Nepal – Foreign Exchange Rate in Nepal

We are glad to bring you foreign exchange rate of Nepal which is fixed by the Central Bank of Nepal that is Nepal Rastra Bank. However, in Nepal every commercial banks fix their own exchange rate for forex.
USD to Nepali Rupees-foreign exchange rate Nepal
Nepal has an open market exchange rate for following currencies that are US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, European Euro, UK Pound Sterling, Hong Kong Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Saudi Arabian Riyal, Singapore Dollar, Qatari Riyal, Thai Baht, UAE Dirham, Malaysian Ringgit, Bahrain Dinar, Swiss Franc, Kuwaity Dinar, Swedish Kroner, South Korean Won and Danish Kroner. But for Indian Rupees, exchange rates are fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank for Nepalese Rupees which is fixed type, and rest of all other currencies have open market exchange rates. The open market forex rate quoted by different Nepalese commercial banks may differ from Nepal Rastra Bank exchange rates.

The forex or foreign exchange rate market is all about trading that is buying and selling of foreign currencies. People and companies buy foreign currencies, may keep it for some time, and when they think it is best time to sell their foreign currencies, they sell in foreign exchange or forex market. The forex market is also known as FX market, it is all about trading currencies and is not based on investing and growing up the business as any other regular businesses. The foreign currency trading can be profitable and if it is planned safely and carefully with known tactics of forex market. Forex market is the place where trading takes place with two different currencies of two countries.

Disclaimer: The Foreign Exchange Rates displayed on this website is from Central Bank of Nepal. The exchange rates may change without prior information anytime during the business hours. We bear no liability due to the fluctuation of foreign exchange rates to any financial loss that may occur with the use of this website.

What is Foreign Exchange or Forex?


The Forex (FX) or Foreign Exchange Rate market is over-the-counter (OTC) market and globally decentralized in which currencies are traded and also the foreign exchange rate are determined. All the aspects of buying, selling, exchanging currencies or in short trading the foreign currency at current or determined prices is known as forex (FX) or Foreign Exchange Rate Market.

Mostly in Nepal, forex is viewed for US dollar rate for Nepali Rupees and for other currencies also.

In the table below, you can also view the graph by clicking on the desired currency and you will be able to see the detailed graph of buying and selling rates of that currency of the last one month period.

Here is the Foreign Exchange Rate for Nepal fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB):

© Forex Nepal

Note: The open market quoted by different banks may be different from the exchange rates of Nepal Rastra Bank.

If you want to try our Date Converter Tool, Click Here: Nepali Date Converter English to Nepali Date and Nepali to English Date


Nepali Date Converter English to Nepali Date and Nepali to English Date || A.D to B.S and B.S to A.D Converter

Nepali Date Converter: English (A.D) to Nepali Date (B.S) and B.S to A.D

Here, we have brought you a Nepali Date Converter Nepali to English and English to Nepali Tool which can easily convert dates from Nepali Date (B.S) to Gregorian Dates (A.D), that is from BS to AD. This Nepali Date Converter Tool can convert AD to BS and vice versa easily. It will help you to convert birth dates, anniversaries, etc important dates from B.S to A.D and A.D to B.S in just one click.

This date converter tool is easy to use and fastest tool to convert dates from B.S to A.D and A.D to B.S. in single click.

How to use this Nepali Date Converter?

You can use Date Converter Tool Powered by HamroPatro:

How to use Date Converter Tool?
1. Choose the date type either AD or BS from top Banner option.
2. Enter the date in “YYYY-MM-DD” format.
3. Click on CONVERT to get the conversion result from either AD to BS or from BS to AD.



Need of Date Converter English to Nepali and Nepali to English Tool?

There are hundreds of countries in the world with different calendar system but the most widely used calendar system is Gregorian Calendar (Anno Domini) (A.D) as an official calendar of respective countries. Nepal still has its traditional calendar, Bikram Sambat (B.S) as an official calendar of Nepal. There are various other calendar that are used in Nepal along with other Bikram Sambar Calendar. Even after the high influence of western world and technology based on western countries, Nepal still has managed to keep Bikram Sambat Calendar as official calendar of Nepal. Mostly people of Nepal follow Bikram Sambat Calendar for daily use and to keep track of festivals, events and national days.

People use Bikram Sambat Solar Calendar to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. Whereas, birthdates of Hindu god’s, festivals and death’s ceremonies are celebrated on lunar system of Bikram Sambat Calendar.

English Calendar doesn’t coincide with Nepali Calendar’s dates and months. It is difficult to keep track of exact dates using English or A.D Calendar for Nepalese people for events such as national days and festivals, so there is need of tool like our Nepali Date Converter Tool for exact conversion of dates from B.S to A.D and A.D to B.S.

The Bikram Sambat Calendar is follows lunisolar calendar system whereas, Gregorian Calendar is Solar Calendar. Bikram Sambat (B.S) calendar system uses lunar system for months and solar calendar system for calaculation of year. The Nepali Calendar is also called Nepali Panchang or Patro.

Nepalese New Year falls on mid of April in English Calendar which is Baisakh 1st in B.S Calendar. Whereas, January 1st that is English New year falls on mid of Poush of B.S Calendar.

Aproximately, Nepali calendar or B.S cakendar is 56 years and 8½ months ahead of the Gregorian calendar or A.D or Anno Domino or English Calendar. Interestingly, number of days in each Nepali Calendar months varies every month which is just opposite to Gregorian Calendar which have fixed days each month, except February. Generally, Nepalese Calendar’s month may have 29 days (minimum) and 32 days (maximum), which varies every year. Whereas, the number of days in Gregorian Calendar or A.D Calendar may have fixed days each month which is 31 and 30 and only in February it may have 28 or 29 days. February has 29 days only in leap years, which occur in an interval of 4 years. Usually, there are 365 days in Gregorian year or English year but in leap years, oje day may be added to February as a leap day.

For balancing days of year, there is provision of Adhik maas in lunar Calendar which is considered to be inauspicious for starting any new work or celebrations or functions like marriages, Bartibandha, etc.

Nepali Calendar includes all the festivals of different cultural groups are based on lunar months, whereas national holidays are celebrated on solar dates. Therefore, the dates of festivals do not match exactly every year on the same date o Solar Calendar of Bikram Sambat as they follow lunar day. The Gregorian Calendar has an exact date for celebration of international days and western cultures and festivals as they use the Solar cycle.

The official calendar of Nepal, Bikram Sambat or Nepali Patro or Panchang is used for Government and Bank holidays, festivals, auspicious dates for Marriage, Bratabandha, etc. Nepali Calendar or B.S or Bikram Sambat Calendar is a traditional lunisolar calendar used for celebration of festivities of different ethnic and tribal groups of Nepal and as well as for civic purpose.

We all know, the Gregorian Calendar is used worldwide all over the world. But B.S or Bikram Sambat or Vikram Sambat Calendar is also used in many countries officially and unofficially such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

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Bikram Sambat (B.S) Calendar

First of all, Bikram Sambat Calendar is a part of our ancient culture, so it needs to be preserved which can be done by its more use. B.S is lunisolar calendar which is helpful in knowing dates of religious festivals and national days of Nepal. The religious side of Nepalese People is heavily lifted by lunisolar calendar system and the solar cycle up rises the Patriotic side of Nepalese people. Almost all of the religious festivals (except some Sankrati and solar Calendar based festivals) are celebrated on the lunar cycle of Bikram Sambat Calendar. A single day of lunar calendar may not be equal to equal hours of solar days of Bikram Sambat. A day in lunar calendar is called Tithi. Tithis are used to decide on which solar day the festivals will fall each year and also helps to maintain the seasonal crops and crop cultivation time of the country.
And National days are celebrated on fixed solar days of Bikram Sambat Calendar in Nepal. B.S or Bikram Sambat is used for the celebration of both Festivals and National days in Nepal.

Gregorian Calendar (A.D)

Anno Domino or A.D. or Gregorian Calendar is used for the celebration of International days. Various people around the world use various names for this Calendar system that are Gregorian Calendar, Current Era, Common Era, Christian Era, C.E, A.D, Anno Domini, English Calendar, and many local words of several countries. For the international support and activities, Nepal needs to know the events and functions that the world is celebrating. It is important to be a part of international events,for support, to show our existence, for communication, etc. As the world is now a small village in Internet. There always has been a need to keep the tracks of events and functions around the world. For this, there should be one common calendar in the world. And that role is efficiently and well played by Gregorian Calendar.

Important Festival, National and International Days

Bikram Sambat (B.S) calendar is believed to be most scientific and one of the best Calendar in the world. To determine various festivals and national days of Nepal we can use Bikram Sambat calendar. Whereas, Anno Domino (A.D) or CE calendar can be used for determination of international days and events and festivals like Children’s day, Education Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.
Some important festivals, national and international days which are celebrated in Nepal on the basis of Nepali (B.S) and Gregorian (A.D) Calendar are as follows:

Nepali New Year – Baisakh 1
Mother’s Day – Baisakh Krishna Paksha Aunsi
Buddha Jayanti – Baisakh Shukla Paksha Purnima
Republic Day – Jestha 15
World No Tobacco Day – May 31
World Environment Day – June 5
Naag Panchami – Shravan Shukla Paksha Panchami
World Tourism Day – September 27
Krishna Janmashtami – Bhadra Krishna Paksha Ashtami
Teej – Bhadra Shukla Paksha Tritiya
Dashain – Ashwin Shukla Paksha Dashami
Laxmi Pooja – Kartik Krishna Paksha Trayodashi
World AIDs Day – December 1st
Christmas – December 25 (Poush)
Gregorian New Year – January 1 (mid-Poush)
Tamu Losar – Poush 15
Tol Losar – Poush Shukla Paksha Pratipada
Maghesankrati – Magh 1
Sonam Losar – Magh Shukla Paksha Pratipada
Martyr’s Day – Magh 16
Ram Navami – Chaitra Shukla Paksha Navami
World Poetry Day – March 21
International Women’s Day – March 8
World Health Day – April 7

Months and Days in Both Calendars?

There are twelve months in each Nepali and Gregorian Calendar. The name of each 12 months and their corresponding months of Gregorian and Bikram Sambat calendar system with the number of days in the respective month of both calendars is shown below:



S.No. Name of Nepali Months Corresponding Gregorian Months Number of Days
1 Baisakha Mid-April to Mid-May 30 / 31 (30.950 exactly)
2 Jestha Mid-May to Mid-June 31 / 32 (31.429 exactly)
3 Ashad Mid-June to Mid-July 31 / 32 (31.638 exactly)
4 Shrawan Mid-July to Mid-August 31 / 32 (31.463 exactly)
5 Bhadra Mid-August to Mid-September 31 / 32 (31.012 exactly)
6 Ashwin Mid-September to Mid-October 30 / 31 (30.428 exactly)
7 Karthik Mid-October to Mid-November 29 / 30 (29.879 exactly)
8 Mangsir Mid-November-Mid December 29 / 30 (29.475 exactly)
9 Poush Mid-December to Mid-January 29 / 30 (29.310 exactly)
10 Magh Mid-January to Mid-February 29 / 30 (29.457 exactly)
11 Falgun Mid-February to Mid-March 29 / 30 (29.841 exactly)
12 Chaitra Mid-March to Mid-April 30 / 31(30.377 exactly)


S.No. Name of Gregorian Months Corresponding Nepali Months Number of Days
1 January Mid Poush to Mid Magh 31
2 February Mid Magh to Mid Falgun 28/29
3 March Mid Falgun to Mid Chaitra 31
4 April Mid Chaitra to Mid Baisakh 30
5 May Mid Baisakh to Mid Jestha 31
6 June Mid Jestha to Mid Ashad 30
7 July Mid Ashad to Mid Shrawan 31
8 August Mid Shrawan to Mid Bhadra 31
9 September Mid Bhadra to Mid Ashwin 30
10 October Mid Ashwin to Mid Karthik 31
11 November Mid Karthik to Mid Mangsir 30
12 December Mid Mangsir to Mid Poush 31




The Date Converter English to Nepali and Nepali to English Tool is multi use tool for fast, easy, free and convenient conversion of dates from A.D to B.S and B.S to A.D. This Nepali date converter tool is multipurpose tool. This tool alone can convert English date to Nepali and vice versa. With the use of this tool, both national days and international days and events in the Nepali dates can be determined which vary every yearly due to lunar Calendar system in B.S. Whenever there is need to convert Nepali Date into Gregorian date or from Gregorian Calendar to Nepali dates, Converter tool can easily convert in no time, just one click and required date will be displayed in required Calendar system. This tool is also very much useful for quick conversion of Nepali Birthday date or online form fillings, etc.

This tool is helpful in conversion of Nepali dates from A.D to B.S and B.S to A.D, such as anniversaries, birthday dates, festivals such as Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Holi, Losar, etc. Nepali Calendar also includes National and International days.

So here is the easiest Nepali Date Converter tool which is the one click tool to convert dates from B.S to A.D and A.D to B.S. That is from Nepali date (B.S) to Gregorian date or English date (A.D) or CE and Gregorian or English date to Nepali date.



How to use this Nepali Date Converter?

You can use Date Converter Tool Powered by HamroPatro:

How to use Date Converter Tool?
1. Choose the date type either AD or BS from top Banner option.
2. Enter the date in “YYYY-MM-DD” format.
3. Click on CONVERT to get the conversion result from either AD to BS or from BS to AD.




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